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We are business lawyers who are also entrepreneurs. We know first-hand the real world challenges, opportunities, risks and rewards of business ownership because we live them.
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Disclosure Schedule

M&A Disclosure Schedules: What They Are and Why They Matter

What are Disclosure Schedules? Disclosure schedules are formal legal attachments that accompany the definitive purchase …

The LOI,

Selling Your Company: The Why of the LOI

First-time sellers often feel pressure to rush into signing a letter of intent, or LOI, …

Selling Your Company,

Selling Your Company: Walk Away for the Best Deal

When you begin negotiations with a potential buyer who is interested in acquiring your company, …

Private Equity Deal Structure

3 Key Deal Structure Elements When Selling to Private Equity Buyers

Private Equity Buyers Private equity (PE) firms have many ways of structuring a merger or …

Selling Your Company,

Selling Your Company: 3 Key Deal Advocacies You Need

You’ve heard it before: when you’re ready to sell your company, your very first step …

Important Clauses in Operating Agreement

Protective Provisions in LLC Operating Agreements: Why They Matter

Introduction: Protective Provisions In LLC Operating Agreements You came up with the right business idea, …

Denver Business Executive,

Recognized Denver Business Executive Joins Linden Law Partners Board of Directors

Denver Business Executive Joins Linden Law Partners Board Linden Law Partners is pleased to announce …

Selling Your Company,

Selling Your Company: Debunking 5 Deal Myths

You’ve worked hard, probably for years, to build your business. Sweat equity, tears, gut-wrenching decisions, …

Attorney, Miles Williams,

New Attorney Announcement

New Attorney Miles Williams We are thrilled to announce that lawyer Miles Williams has joined …


‘Acqui-Hire’ Transactions: Their Place in the M&A Universe

What Is An Acqui-Hire? The purpose of a typical merger or acquisition is to acquire …

Colorado Super Lawyers,

Colorado Super Lawyers Recognizes Pat Linden For Work in M&A

Super Lawyers® has recognized Pat Linden in its 2021 edition for Colorado attorneys for his …


Post-Closing Considerations for M&A Sellers

Rarely do private company owners sell their companies, pocket all the cash at closing, and …