Emerging Companies & Venture Capital

We advise companies, founders, angel investors, and venture capital and private equity investors at every stage in equity, debt and hybrid financings.

Recent ECVC Client Successes

  • Represented cyber security startup for more than $12 million in convertible debt and preferred equity financings
  • Represented venture capital fund in $10 million Series B Preferred Stock financing of healthcare tech company
  • Represented real estate fintech company in $5 million Series A Preferred Stock financing
  • Represented investor for $10 million of convertible debt and equity investments in real estate equity fund
  • Represented artificial intelligence venture capital fund in $5 million Series A Preferred stock financing
  • Represented media and entertainment startup in $5 million Series A Preferred Stock financing
  • Represented CBD processing company in $4 million preferred equity financing
  • Represented equity investor in $3.5 million common equity financing of tech-based healthcare staffing company
  • Represented hotel and restaurant company for $3.2 million common equity financing
  • Represented equity investor in $3 million investment in sports car dealership
  • Represented greenhouse construction company in $2.5 million equity financing
  • Represented software based environmental sustainability company for $1.75 million Series Seed-1 Preferred and $4 million Series Seed-2  Preferred venture capital financings
  • Represented early stage cannabis company in $2 million equity financing
  • Represented digital marketing company in $1.5 million of SAFE equity investments
  • Represented angel investors in $1.5 million convertible debt financing of tech-based animal products company
  • Represented real estate title closing company in $1 million friends and family equity financing
  • Represented digital guided tour company for $250,000 friends and family equity investment
  • Represented angel investment fund for numerous early-stage equity investments in technology startups investments between $200,000 and $1 million

ECVC Experience

  • Venture Capital
  • Start-Ups and Emerging Companies
  • Seed Stage Financings
  • Angel, Friends & Family Financings
  • Convertible Debt
  • Investor Representation
  • Fund Formation
  • Equity Incentive Plans
  • Intellectual Property Licensing
  • 409A Valuation Matters

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Don’t Take Our Word For It. Take Theirs.

Bruce Lazarus

Bruce Lazarus


“If you simply rely on what the Buyer tells you, the reality is that you’re going to leave money on the table. And so one of the things I felt was really important and why it was such a satisfactory experience was that the team at Linden Law Partners was built upon both sensitivity to our shareholders and trust. I trusted them completely when it came to understanding and representing our interests. And I think that’s crucial.”
Karen Padgett

Karen Padgett


“We sold a majority interest of our company to a private equity firm and I also stayed on as CEO until we sold later to a publicly traded company 7 years later. Overall it was a great outcome. They ensured we optimized the end value and that we didn’t have contractual terms that could’ve impeded us from retaining the full purchase price. In the end, it felt more like they were partners, and not just lawyers marking up contracts. They were partners with us.”
Edward Larkin

Edward Larkin


“Selling a company is a business transaction that encompasses legal, financial, and operations. It’s quite complex. So, one of the things I found very helpful in working with Linden Law Partners is they have a sound understanding of the business and financial concepts, and the uncanny ability to integrate the legal piece with those elements. That brought more positive dynamics to the table when working together.”



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