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We are business lawyers who are also entrepreneurs. We know first-hand the real world challenges, opportunities, risks and rewards of business ownership because we live them.
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Selling Your Business – The M&A Auction Process

As you explore the sale of your business, you’ll likely hear that you should consider …


New Attorney Announcement

Linden Law Partners is pleased to announce that attorney Holden Bank has joined our business …


Going Beyond Price: 5 Elements Often Overlooked by M&A Sellers

It’s easy for M&A sellers to become overly focused on the initial proposed price they …


M&A Sellers: Developing an Exit Frame of Mind

Planning to sell your company someday? Even if it’s two, three, five years down the …


Linden Law Partners Represents Allied Pipeline Technologies for Acquisition of United Pipeline Systems

Linden Law Partners is pleased to announce that our client Allied Pipeline Technologies (APTec) acquired …


Becoming a Master M&A Dealmaker When Selling Your Business

As the seller of a thriving business, you’re accustomed to making the tough decisions, negotiating …


Selling Your Business: The Data Room

Potential M&A acquirers request a massive amount of information pertaining to every aspect of a …


Preparing Your Company For Sale

Tied closely to our most recent previous article outlining 6 deal-killing mistakes M&A sellers make …


6 Ways Sellers Unwittingly Kill M&A Deals

For many business owners, the sale of their company is a once-in-a-lifetime undertaking. A common scenario …


Linden Law Partners Represents PetExec in Acquisition by Kinship, a Division of Mars Petcare

Linden Law Partners is pleased to announce that PetExec Inc. was acquired by Kinship Partners, Inc., …


3 Ways Buyers Can Kill A Perfectly Good M&A Deal  

Part 1 of a 2 Part Series  You’re an experienced buyer with a handful or …


Linden Law Partners Represents SolarLeadFactory in Acquisition by Enphase Energy

Linden Law Partners is pleased to announce that our client SolarLeadFactory was acquired by Enphase …

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