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Bruce Lazarus intro video

Bruce Lazarus


“If you simply rely on what the Buyer tells you, the reality is that you’re going to leave money on the table. And so one of the things I felt was really important and why it was such a satisfactory experience was that the team at Linden Law Partners was built upon both sensitivity to our shareholders and trust. I trusted them completely when it came to understanding and representing our interests. And I think that’s crucial.”
Karen Padgett intro video

Karen Padgett


“We sold a majority interest of our company to a private equity firm and I also stayed on as CEO until we sold later to a publicly traded company 7 years later. Overall it was a great outcome. They ensured we optimized the end value and that we didn’t have contractual terms that could’ve impeded us from retaining the full purchase price. In the end, it felt more like they were partners, and not just lawyers marking up contracts. They were partners with us.”
Edward Larkin intro video

Edward Larkin


“Selling a company is a business transaction that encompasses legal, financial, and operations. It’s quite complex. So, one of the things I found very helpful in working with Linden Law Partners is they have a sound understanding of the business and financial concepts, and the uncanny ability to integrate the legal piece with those elements. That brought more positive dynamics to the table when working together.”

More Testimonials

Clayton Cornell

Co-Founder and CEO
SolarLeadFactory LLC

After interviewing a number of legal professionals for an M&A deal for the sale of a business I co-founded to a public company in the spring of 2022, it became clear that Linden Law Partners was the right law firm for the job. They really care about their clients and are invested in getting the best deal they can. As M&A specialists, they’re also great educators on the sale process. This is crucial when making difficult decisions and wading through complex legal issues as part of a high stakes transaction. If I had to do it all over I’d choose them again, and I hope to work with them on future deals.

Ernie Graham

CEO & Co-Founder
Homebot, Inc.

As a serial entrepreneur in the tech startup world, I understand the importance of selecting the right legal counsel for the job. Pat has brought a wealth of experience in venture capital and commercial transactions to my companies. He always sets realistic expectations and truly understands how to create alignment of interests to get a deal done.

Robert Milne

Former President, Wyndham Vacation Rentals North America
Founder and former CEO, The Resort Company

I have known and worked with Pat for more than 10 years on a variety of business transactions and corporate legal issues that have included the successful sale of a resort property management company I owned and operated for 20 years. I have worked with numerous attorneys over my career in both a small business and large company environment and find Pat to be a top-notch business and corporate lawyer. His attention to detail and strong business understanding have proven to be valuable assets to our organizations.

Paula Mosteller

Co-Founder and CEO
PetExec Inc.

As an entrepreneur driving sales for my software company for 16 years, I was completely unprepared for all the legal requirements and the unforeseen traps and tripping points that happen during an acquisition from a gigantic corporation in March of 2022. Opposing counsel was one of the largest law firms in the country. Luckily, Linden Law Partners was used to this type of opposition on the other side, and not at all intimidated or hesitant to advocate for us. And advocate they did to make sure that we were protected as much as possible and able to maximize our outcome. I am so thankful that we did not go with another law firm that might miss the tricky issues that only attorneys of this caliber and experience could spot and negotiate for us. I would strongly recommend Linden Law Partners to represent anyone going through a merger or acquisition process!

Billy Nesbitt

Founder and CEO
Custom Pin & Design, Inc.

Pat Linden and his team represented me in 2019/2020 for a very complex and challenging business acquisition that took almost 1.5 years to complete. His remarkable due diligence and guidance provided me with the confidence necessary to complete this transaction. It’s absolutely essential, whether it be an easy deal or one as difficult as this, to have complete trust in your deal team. Pat’s direction helped prove that time after time, every step of the way. My company’s interest and integrity felt like his top priority, which gives any buyer great peace of mind. I strongly encourage Pat Linden and Linden Law Partners for any kind of M&A transaction!

Tom Sassos

Former Chairman of the Board
Media Audits International, Inc.

Our company sold to a private equity acquirer in late 2018, and I’m more than happy that we had Pat Linden on our side throughout the process. It was complex with sometimes difficult negotiations. Pat’s considerable experience with mergers and acquisitions was pivotal from beginning to end, letter of intent to closing, and we could not have achieved the outcome we needed without Pat’s help. I was also thankful for Pat’s ability to look beyond the legal issues into accounting and other business issues. He also understands the psychology that inevitably comes into play in the sale of a business that can only be learned through years of experience and having seen many deals. Finally, Pat was instrumental in negotiating favorable employment agreements going forward for our key managers post-acquisition, which was something that was very important to me.

Matt Vincent

Founder and CEO
Ska Fabricating, Inc.

Linden Law Partners represented our company for a sale to a Private Equity group that closed on December 31, 2020. Given that 2020 was a difficult year, we managed to put together a deal that survived the pandemic and they moved quickly to get it across the finish line despite a fair number of obstacles along the way. The deal was complex with a lot of moving parts. Their understanding of deal process is outstanding, and they’re great at knowing what needs to be negotiated hard versus what doesn’t. They were integral to helping us get what we wanted, and the buyers were happy, too. I hope to have the opportunity to work with the team at Linden Law Partners again in the future.

Joshuah F Skinner President

Colorado Mechanical Systems, Inc.

Pat Linden and the rest of team at Linden Law Partners played a vital and critically important role in getting our deal to the agreed upon terms and ultimate closing day finish line in selling my business in September, 2020. They were great sounding boards, who provided invaluable insight and recommendations throughout the entire process. I’m confident that you will find them to be valued partners in any future M&A dealings. Undoubtedly, the attorneys at Linden Law Partners earned my trust and friendship and I would highly recommend this firm to any selling business owner looking for a strong partner!

Brad and Leah Dombaugh

Co-Owners & Executives
PSA Worldwide Corp

Pat came highly recommended to my wife and me by a CPA firm specializing in M&A. I now understand why. A private equity group purchased our company in 2017 and Pat’s understanding of M&A law was a business saver. Pat’s work ethic is second to none and his loyalty to clients above reproach. I found Pat easy to communicate with and he certainly helped me focus on the majors, not the minors. We were also extremely impressed with Pat’s negotiation skills. Pat knows his stuff and we’d hire him again in a heartbeat … he’s that good.

Bruce Lazarus

Media Audits International, Inc.

MAI has been working with Pat for over 15 years. In his capacity as our outside legal counsel, we have successfully relied upon his insight, judgment and legal expertise across a wide range of business and legal issues. Whether we are discussing contract terms or navigating difficult contract negotiations, Pat has proven that he has the acumen to help us make sound decisions.

Mark McLean

Co-Founder and Vice-President
Deere and Ault Consultants, Inc.

During our merger process, reliance on expert legal representation for our engineering company (the acquired seller) was critical. Pat Linden and his team were fantastic, providing expert guidance and clear communications throughout the entire process, from first conception through closing. He was always in close contact helping us understand the myriad of agreements and meanings of the complex and nuanced legal aspects and negotiations. On several occasions he was able to identify and correct proposed contract items that we would not have recognized which not only reduced risk but improved our financial position. The team at Linden Law Partners worked tremendously hard through the final push for an accelerated closing date for the merger. Well done Linden Law Partners!

Jennifer Nuhfer, Maggie Spain and Tammy Stratton

Spearca Communications, LLC

Pat Linden is an invaluable legal resource and partner. He took the time to get to know us and understand our needs. Pat initially helped us navigate a potential business transaction, pulling together the key legal experts that we needed across a variety of issues along the way. He also helped smoothly navigate the process of setting up our new business from structural advice to finalizing a comprehensive partnership agreement.

Dylan DiJulio

Prescott’s Surgical Microscopes, Inc.

Pat Linden and his team at Linden Law Partners represented us in 2019 for a game-changing transaction that helped transition our company from a tightly held family business into a growing industry powerhouse through a combination with a large private equity firm. It’s paramount in a complex transaction to have absolute trust your deal team and Pat proved time after time to have our company’s interest as his top priority. I strongly recommend Linden Law Partners for any M&A opportunity.

Aaron Van Wingerden

Founder and CEO
Dutch Heritage Gardens, Inc.

I first engaged Pat Linden in 2014 and since then he has helped our company evaluate and negotiate a number of business matters. Each was very different in nature with varying considerations and challenges. In short, Pat has become much more than my attorney as I now consider him a business partner and friend. He combines superior legal skills with strong entrepreneurial traits and instincts, making him an invaluable partner in any business deal. I can also attest to Pat’s honesty and ethics, which are unparalleled and uncompromising no matter the difficulty or obstacle of the issues involved.

Richard Casson

General Counsel
The Resort Company

Pat was indispensable as our outside counsel for a complicated M&A transaction involving the sale of our company to a private equity buyer. He is an exceptional negotiator who possesses a strong ability to separate and explain the issues that are deal breakers versus the red herrings. We also found Pat’s work ethic to be unmatched.

Todd Padgett

Co-Owner & CFO, Novus Biologicals, Inc.; and Founder & Managing Partner
Padgett Family Investment Company

The first transaction I worked on with Pat was in 2008 when he represented my business partner and me in the sale of our majority interest to a large private equity firm. Since then, Pat has represented my small venture capital firm for numerous investments. I feel that Pat’s knowledge of the PE/VC transactional space is the best around. His advice has been invaluable for us because of his organizational skills, negotiating ability and deep experience. Pat has become the only legal partner for our deals.

Edward Larkin

Senior Executive
Blue Spruce Capital Corporation

I have engaged Pat over the past 15 years while working with several companies for primarily buy side M&A transactions. I also hired him for all the other traditional corporate legal work. Pat is a lawyer that not only understands how to identify and address legal issues but also has a firm understanding of business and financial concepts and can integrate the two. He thinks outside the box and is unafraid of positively challenging traditional thought processes and the status quo.



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