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Pat Linden Featured Guest on M&A Talk Podcast

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Pat Linden Featured Guest on M&A Talk Podcast

Pat Linden was a featured guest in August 2023 on the M&A Talk Podcast, the #1 ranked podcast on mergers and acquisitions. M&A Talk focuses on interviews with M&A experts in private equity, business valuations, law, finance, and other related aspects of mergers and acquisitions. Its guests include CEOs, investment bankers, M&A attorneys, private equity partners, business appraisers, VC investors, authors, and more.

The in-depth conversation with Pat on the show focused on the importance of being prepared before even starting the M&A sales process. He shared tips on maximizing the final price, negotiating from a strong position, maintaining a poker face, recognizing sunk costs, dealing with emotional stress, and getting things right in order for selling business owners to maximize their sale price.

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